Why MTPhoto

At Michael Thompson Photography (MTPhoto) we feel that photo day should not just be efficient and organised, but a fun and exciting experience as well!

Player comfort is important to us as we all know how cold some Canberra mornings can be. Add in a bit of drizzle and it is just plain miserable to be standing in line for a photo. Fortunately, we have our own "Plan B" in the form of our HUGE inflatable marquees help to hold off the elements while photos are being conducted. Large enough to hold entire teams, these marquees enable us to operate in all but the very worst of weather.

On Photo Day we don’t just show up, take your athletes’ photos (and money) and then leave you dealing with the aftermath.  Our fully trained and experienced staff are ready to answer questions and address any problems that may arise –  not just on Photo Day, but throughout the entire process.

We want to produce photos that are so amazing that every athlete and student, as well as their schools, clubs and families can't wait to show off to their friends and colleagues. Our team and individual photos are a step up from what is traditionally accepted as the "the norm" with new templates being added all the time. The great news is that any of the templates displayed in our Portfolio can be adapted to suit your club by changing colours or adding your clubs logo. 

MTPhoto guarantee our products, as well as our work-flow, so that you can relax knowing that your athletes and their families will be well taken care of.

We are dedicated to working with Clubs, Schools, Coaches and Parents to help create not just awesome photos, but also a revenue source. In addition to the amazing photographs we create, we donate 10% of our turnover back to your club or school each year as well as providing copies of photos for year books. 

If you would like to learn more about partnering with MTPhoto please give us a call to discuss.

  • Janeane: 0409 610 566 
  • Michael: 0422 263 114 
  • Email: office[@]mtphoto.com.au


Using the latest technology and with more staffing resources than most photographers, we slash the average Photo Day time without sacrificing quality and rushing everyone through.

Our QR code system allows us to capture all players details with the click of the shutter, take individual images and automatically apply names, team details and roles (eg: Coach) – no more messy checklists or forms. In addition to efficient individual photos (an average of less than a minute per athlete) we can composite team images from individuals photos or take team photos directly after individuals.

Experienced staff allow us to move through the teams quickly and efficiently. On all shoots, MTPhoto will have dedicated staff for roles including photographers, photographer assistants, customer service (for orders, payments, questions etc) and runners to gather teams as per schedules.

Our average photography times of 3 teams every 10 minutes (Team and Individual photos) means minimal standing around in the cold and your players won't be late for games!


We understand that photo days can be chaotic and frustrating to say the least.  We also know that the key to a hassle free photo day is good communication.

To help with this, we have a full process for gathering and disseminating all relevant information to parents, coaches/ teachers, athletes and photo day organisers.  We will coordinate schedules, gather rosters and deliver all necessary forms in plenty of time to make sure that there are no loose ends.

On Photo day, our dedicated runners will find and identify teams next in line and liaise with coaches and managers to make sure everyone is ready.

Our online ordering system is State of the Art with a "one click" option for parents to access their child's order. Order forms and online access are provided well in advance of Photo Day and order processes are simple to navigate.

Green Screen

We photograph all teams and individuals on Green Screen (unless not practical to do so) and then composite the images into a custom designed background.

There are many benefits of this process, including all photos are customised to each clubs colours, logos etc. As we are not relying on finding a nice clean area at your grounds for a backdrop, all images are taken inside our marquees (or indoors) which helps keep out the elements - no more worrying about rain, sun, wind or (to a lessor degree) cold.

Green Screen also gives us the option to insert absent players seamlessly into the team photo, or to create a complete composite team photo using all individual photos. Don't worry, team Composite photos have come a long way from the days of 15 heads joined together in a couple of rows as this example shows!

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